Zenrin Kushu

The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection;

The water has no mind to recieve their image.

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9 Responses to Zenrin Kushu

  1. Zee says:

    …explains everything…explains nothing.

    To ‘flow’ and ‘be’ when none knows?

    My act is as naive as the geese in the water.

    Spread my wings and fly away

    Wish no water catch my flight

    Will fly… and fly… and keep on flying.

    I am but a geese.

    and you are water

    …we will catch eachother.

  2. Luke says:

    since there is nothing fomt the beginning where can the dust gather

    (if you like my reply please let me know!)

  3. Luke says:

    the wild geese did not intend to cast their reflection
    neither had the pond mind to recieve their image

  4. Navita says:

    Hmm…good interpretation/translation Luke….and yes, i loved the comment…thanks for passing by.


  5. Arjuna says:

    birds will rule the sky
    but what of a man’s breath?

  6. Navita says:

    Hi Arjuna…

    that doesnt have to rule…it just is….right???

  7. Arjuna says:

    right and wrong

    where do they lead?

  8. Navita says:

    Smiles….nowhere….as there is nowhere to go…It just is.

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